NSIC Certification

A Common Message

Americans are passionate about values and ideas upon which our nation was built. As the NSIC promotes awareness about the reality and risks of economic warfare to the public at large, investment advisors, business and economic leaders, and public policy leaders, each receives a common message, the value of which is the mobilization of men and women who are equally committed and engaged in our Mission.


In addition, we expect each group will be vastly more educated and knowledgeable than before about the realities and risks of economic warfare, and what can be done about it. These will serve as principles that will protect and maintain liberty and freedom.

A Shared Link

Further, if it is true our challenges were created in community, we will solve them in community. Indeed we expect this shared link to promote a shared emotional connection and the integration and fulfillment of multiple needs.

Prudent Responses to Economic Warfare

From each community we expect prudent responses to include (but not be limited to) powerful active participation from the public at large in their financial future rather than being uninformed and hopeless, real answers from investment advisors that demonstrate a solid understanding of global economic threats rather than the usual uneducated protocol, business and economic leaders that give real thought to the role they play in our nation’s future rather than just success or prestige, and better public policy from our lawmakers aimed at protecting liberty rather than sacrificing it for gain.

Improved Investor Results and a Free Market Solution to a National Security Problem

As NSIC advisors rise to meet the need and interests of millions of Americans we expect these advisors will identify and direct client funds toward profitable investment opportunities that will also enhance our nation’s security. For example, these advisors may target profitable domestic energy development opportunities. The impact on our domestic energy infrastructure could be substantial and clients will benefit from the awareness that their investment dollars are helping to secure the American way of life for their children and grandchildren.

Likewise, by providing alternative financing for critical domestic projects without having to tap Middle Eastern, Chinese or other foreign sources of funding will enable our country to be more independent and self-sufficient. In addition, offerings that present investors the opportunity to protect their assets against the downside risks of, and/or profit from, economic warfare will be of particular interest to those seeking solutions in the event of further economic attacks. We believe the aggregation of client funds through large numbers of trained NSIC advisors will prove to be an added meaningful result of the NSIC’s mission. The decision to invest will rest with an educated Advisor and client. The NSIC will simply help facilitate the education and the connection between the two.

It is very likely the next war against the U.S. will be economic in nature and Americans seem unprepared to address it. Financially-incentivized advisors may ultimately help aggregate investment dollars for the purpose of national security. NSIC trained advisors will then educate their clients and work to protect their investments. In addition, the collective advisor groups will represent a large pool of capital that can be used to invest in areas that will enhance American national security. Every 1,000 trained advisors will represent, on average, over $100 billion in combined capital.

All investors are at risk although too few understand the geopolitical events that could destroy their wealth. As a result, few know how to protect our economy and fewer still are motivated to do so. NSIC research proves there is massive foreign influence to direct regulation, taxation, and economic activity but very little input from American investors or their professional advisors.